VIDEO: Jesse Watters Interviews College Students About Halloween Costumes and POTUS Trump — The Responses Were Silly

Fox News Jesse Watters of “Watters World“decided to visit the New York University to obtain answers from college students what Halloween customers they considered insulting and if President Trump “scared them“. The responses were totally hilarious as one would have expected.

One clip that particularly deserves mockery includes Watters asking one female college student what costumes she finds offensive, to which she answered with the “politically incorrect“, term “Indians“. Waters unhesitantly corrected her saying “Native American“, and then the student upset for being embarrassed like that just muttered convoluted diatribe about “complex structures,” disqualifying whites from dressing as Native Americans.

Waters was not convinced.

One man told Watters that he and his friends were scared by the President Trump to that extent that they are running bomb drills.

College campuses around the U.S are obviously having a crackdown since they are prohibiting costumes they think are offensive.

Princeton University issued the following guide to aid student distinguish if their costume is offensive.

University of Louisville Vice Provost for Diversity and International Affairs Mordean Taylor-Archer sent out the following email asking students “take time to consider your fellow students and colleagues when choosing costumes and themes.”

Humboldt State University, for example, has intention to host a debate Monday on how Halloween costumes only contribute for the cultures to be disrespected, mocked or just dehumanized, persuading students to avoid “cultural appropriation” in their costume selections.

Several other schools like Oregon State University, Michigan State University, and the University of Colorado-Boulder, plan to host related debate about the significance of “cultural appropriation” in the context of a “critical examination of Halloween costumes.”

The University of Michigan also released a statement to its website to provide its annual admonition against cultural appropriation, claiming practices like these are often accepted by those who have power and privileged in society, whereas the cultures they are giving a misleading account of its nature have a tendency to be marginalized and disenfranchised.

h/t: thegatewaypundit