State Department Employees Throw A Big Celebration Party For Hillary’s Victory That Didn’t Come True

Back in late October, The British Journal published a news that made headlines of the 2016 election cycle.

state department

According to The Huffington Post, the possibility of a Hillary victory is 98.1%, which made things to reach more favorable point.

Hillary had great hopes she had the election in the bag. She held twice as much campaign rallies than Trump did during the election cycle, rather than choosing to spread influence by spending $1.2 billion of donor money (while Trump spent “only $600 million, $66 million of which was his own money).

She and Bill were absentminded when the polls began coming in the beginning. Bill couldn’t hide his excitement for the woman he considered is very likely to be proclaimed the President Elect in only a couple hours.

When being interviewed with the CBS New’s Jane Pauley, she and Hillary discussed about the $1.16 million three-bedroom, ranch-style home next to the Clinton’s house in Chappaqua, NY, which assumed to be for family use, but, in fact, Hillary used it as accommodation for eventual White House staff. “Well, I know a lot about what it takes to move a president, and I thought I was going to win,” Clinton said.

“The Clintons had acquired the house next door to accommodate White House staff and security during a second Clinton administration,” Pauley narrated.

Pauley asked Clinton if that decision haunted her. “No, I’m very happy we did it,” Clinton said.

And that’s not all.

The State Department she officially led was intended for her “guaranteed” victory.
As Daily Wire reports, during the night of the 2016 presidential election, State Department employees in the U.S Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, where it was already morning, were organizing a celebration party for Hillary Clinton’s victory.

The basement was prevailing with State Department employees, officially bared from political activism while living abroad, but are supporting Democrats, some looking forward to Hilary Clinton victory, were even calling the occasion a party. . On the wall hung a Donald Trump piсata.”


When it was announced that Trump had taken a big lead, they set in silence for a moment, but it was a uncomfortable silence. The cover band stopped playing, packed up and left. Some Clinton fans went out to smoke, while uniformed soldiers and veterans who support Trump stayed.

It doesn’t come as a surprise the fact that the State Department employees were eagerly looking forward to Clinton’s victory, that the outcome will guarantee they would keep their jobs, otherwise they would be dismissed by President Trump after a Trump victory.

Actually, Trump’s 2018 budget proposal contained a 33% reduction in financing for the State Department. In February, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fired those who worked for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices. Ambassador Kristie Kenney, the Counselor of the State Department, was let go; her staff was told that her position would not be filled in the near future.

I’m sure no one was more shocked than Hillary herself, however, who couldn’t even do as much as deliver a concession speech that night.

Definitely, Hillary was one of the most shocked in the room after what happened, but, she couldn’t even do as much as held a concession speech during that night.

h/t: freedomdaily