Police Shot And Killed A Black Man — His Mother Left An Unexpected Message For Cop-Haters

A black drug dealer was recently shot dead by Ohio police as he fled arrest and pulled a gun on pursing officers. In an interview with eager reporters, the grieving mother was asked about her son’s death and she directly addressed black people protesting law enforcement officers and left an 8-simple-words-message that no one expected.

Instead of focusing on the 91% of black people who are killed by a member of their own race, the left is more interested in the 28 who are murdered by police officers yearly to promote their own biased agenda. The left evokes a knee-jerk response from the black community against law enforcement by using liberal propaganda in order to depict officers as wicked and threatening against black criminals.

The mainstream media expected that Cyrida Levison, the mother of armed black drug-dealing son, Antonio Levison, who had been neutralized after he pulled a gun on Cleveland police officers, to condemn the officers who took her offspring’s life away. When Cyrida was asked about her opinions on her 33-year-old son’s ultimately death, the mainstream media was shocked by the grieving mother’s response.

According to WOIO report, following her son’s death by police officers, Cyrida looked at the camera and without hesitating told black people to stop “running from the police” and “shooting at the police” before explaining that the officers were rightfully doing their job because her son was being “real ignorant.”

“Please, put these guns down. Take it from a mother that knows… It’s not worth losing your life running from the police, shooting at the police. You’ve got families…My son was a street person. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth your life. Trust me,” she said. “You’re invincible to your friends – whoever carries guns – you’re invincible to your friends. You’re not invincible to the police. Because the police are trained to kill. And if you take your gun out, you’re going to get killed. Like my son,” she said.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Cyrida explained on Thursday that the police though doing everything in their power to avoid shooting her son, they had no choice after he pulled a gun at them.

“It’s not their fault. They were doing their jobs. They had to do what they had to do. My son pulled the gun on them. So that’s what happened. They had to do what they had to do to protect themselves,” Cyrida said.

Cyrida acknowledged that Antonio was a “drug dealer” and explained that she had warned him up several times until his death that he was going to end up “in the morgue.” She sincerely hopes that with her message she will manage to reach those who living a life of crime, and her son’s death will serve as an eye-opening situation to those infringing the law.

“I told my son I’m not trying to identify your body. Here it is Wednesday, I’m identifying my son’s body. That’s a message right there,” the mother said. “But look where you’re at now. You’re not even with me. You’re gone. You’re in a morgue, with a tag on your foot,” she said. “I can’t bring my son back. I didn’t want it to end like this. I wanted to hear my son’s laugh… October 25th 2017 is when my son’s life was taken from him, because he was being real ignorant. And I’m sorry to say that. And I love my son. But there’s nothing I can do. I can’t bring him back.”

h/t: madworldnews