What NYC Killer Left Behind On The Scene After Killing 6 Will Make You Feel SICK

Today everyone in New York faced the reality of terrorism just blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood. Few hours ago, a drive mowed down bikers on an otherwise average, sunny Thursday afternoon and the media is already attempting not to reveal who he was and what he intended just hours ago. Nevertheless, what he left behind in the street is really bad and cannot be ignored.

The driver, whose name and identity is being withheld by authorities, is now in custody. Apparently, he wasn’t intoxicated or unfocused when he saw several bike riders and turned sharply to hit them. His intentions were clear once he got out of the car and fire guns at them shouting the Islamic battle cry when he committed a terroristic attack– “Allah Akbar,” Zero Hedge reported. Now we become aware of what else the mainstream media is trying to hide about this obvious terroristic act and it can be seen on the scene.

According to Zero Hedge, in an attack bearing the hallmarks of acts of terrorism that have been spread out in the UK, Spain and France, a truck swerved into the West Side Highway bike Iane Tuesday afternoon and mowed down bikers and pedestrians, killing 6 people and injuring 15 near Chambers Street and West Street. The New Times Work reported that the suspect, whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet, has been taken into custody and later had been shot by the police.

Several witnesses told the police that the suspect may have yelled Alahu Akbar before the attack.

NBC is reporting that shots were fired at the scene, but it’s unclear if those shots were fired by police responding to the incident or the attacker. The vehicle also collided with a school bus carrying students from Stuyvesant High School. There were reports that the suspect fired shots from his truck, but these reports could not be immediately confirmed. Police say they are not looking for additional suspects. Several nearby buildings, including Stuyvesant High, were placed under lockdown. The FBI’s New York field office is also responding. The attack occurrred at 3:15 pm Eastern Time.

NBC is reporting that the driver fired a paintball gun or a bb gun before driving the truck into pedestrians. NBC has confirmed that the incident was a deliberate attack.
One witness told the New York Post the suspect got out of his vehicle and was armed with two guns.

CBS is reporting that police are treating the incident as a terrorist attack:

“What happened was there was a car crash … he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns,” a 14-year-old Stuyvesant High School student said. “We thought it was a Halloween thing. He started running around the highway. There was another guy in a green shirt that was chasing him around.”

“I heard four to six gunshots — everybody starts running,” she added.

This wasn’t a “car accident” it was a lone wolf attack after following recent orders from the Islamic State. The driver folllowed a specific plan of attack that the terrorist organization encouraged, specifically using a U Haul truck, which was his first weapon in this act of terrorism, as was found in the street, feet from the dead bodies.

The Daily Mail previously reported of this mode of operation which we have now seen come to fruition today:

ISIS is encouraging lone jihadists to use trucks as weapons to target large-scale events like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

The instructions, which give insight on how to inflict the greatest destruction, are included in the latest edition of the Islamic State’s new English-language magazine Rumiyah.

The terror group said an average truck would not arouse suspicion and could inflict more damage than a regular military fighter.

“The method of such an attack is that a vehicle is plunged at a high speed into a large congregation of (non-believers)… and leaving behind a trail of carnage,” the article said.

“Vehicles are like knives as they are extremely easy to acquire. But unlike knives, which if found in one’s possession can be a cause for suspicion, vehicles arouse absolutely no doubts due to their widespread use throughout the world. Though being an essential part of modern life, very few actually comprehend the deadly and destructive capability of the motor vehicle.”

Rumiyah stated that heavy, large, load-bearing trucks would be ideal – and to avoid small cars and large SUVs.

What’s truly terrifying is that this is probably the first of more like attacks expected in the coming weeks, with specific refgards to the next holiday, Thanksgiving. The instructions from ISIS make specific mention of this.

“The article included a photo of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York with the caption: ‘An excellent target,’ as well as listing political rallies, outdoor markets and festivals,” the Daily Mail added. “It was targeted towards lone-wolf attackers and advised the jihadists to determine the best way to let people know the attack was being carried out by the Islamic State.”

It’s time to call this what it is, another act of terrorism on our soil. Luckily we have a different Commander-in-Chief in office now who will act swiftly in response to this and without apology.

h/t: freedomdaily