NFL reporter left the liberal bubble gets unexpectedly enlightening

Players’ protests during the national anthem before NFL games was the reason for the fans to become extremely angry and revolted, that even people who only report on the league are feeling the adverse reactions.

That is the case with the Fox NFL sideline reporter Peter Schrager in Indianapolis when a cab driver sick and tired with the protests just kicked him out of his cab.

Schrager got in a cab in Indianapolis, where he was covering a game. The driver asked him what he did for a living, on which Shranger gave a generic answer, saying:
“I work in the NFL.”

The driver stopped the car and told Shrager to get out.

Here’s what the cab driver said, according to Schrager:

“You can get out of the car. The NFL is dead to me. The NFL, the fact that these guys take knees, I will never watch the NFL again.”

The Shrager revealed that this situation made him open his eyes wide and see the issues with NFL protests from different perspective, from other people’s perspective like those who don’t live in liberal coastal areas.

“The more you talk to fans who aren’t on the two coasts, the more you aren’t in blue-state territory, this is a real deal and it is affecting the bottom line,” Schrager said.

“And the owners are seeing this.”

Here’s the clip:

h/t: theblaze