The Media Briefing Has Been Cut Short Since Trump Invited Reporters’ Kids Into Oval Office

This Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, after answering questions from reporters, cut her briefing short explaining the reporters that she had to announce something special.

“The President asked me to let all of you know that those of you that have your kids here for trick-or-treating,” Sanders said. “Before they go over to the executive office building for trick-or-treating, he’s invited them to come into the oval.”

The White House has organized its annual Halloween festivities where kids from more than 20 schools from Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia were attending. Military families and community organizations got invitation as well.

“So if you would like to have your kids participate, please meet us here and we’ll walk them over shortly and then give them back to you so that you can sugar them up and take them home to your house to run wild,” Sanders joked.

When kids entered the office, Trump invite them to come behind the desk making joked with them and handing out candy.

“I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” Trump said. “How the media did this, I don’t know.”

There were kids dressed in costumes of witches, Batgirl, Star Wars characters and a unicorn attending.

Trump gathered the kids around the desk, continuously making jabs at the media, adding the kids get treated by the press better than “anybody in the world.”

“Oh you’re going to grow up to be like your parents?” Trump asked as he waved his hands in an unsure motion.

“Don’t answer, that can only get me in trouble, that question,” Trump joked.
At the end of their Halloween visit kids were playing trick-or-treating throughout the White House complex.

h/t: westernjournalism