After Media Attacked Her, Melania Did Something Astonishing That Every Mom In USA Is Thankful For

The unfair treatment to President Trump by the media is nothing in comparison with the one to First Lady Melania.

The left, and the media use every opportunity to attack Melania about how she is not defending the President enough, or something about their relationship, and honestly one finds it difficult to keep track these days. This happens due to the fact that they cannot stand a beautiful and powerful woman like Melania not being consent with them.

They don’t even care about their credibility and do it anyway because they consider Melania as too classy to fires back, so this seems to be the worst form of political hypocrisy.

As CNN was trying to find a comment they were met with elegance and class from Melania’s team, as one could expect.

White House put an end to all the nonsense claiming simply that Melania has much more important work to do rather than to care about the way her relationship with the President is perceived.

Her aim is to help American mothers raise the next generation and it is obvious that the youth today need all the help they can get.

“She wants to establish herself as a first lady who helps children, that’s her mission while her husband is in office,” the official told CNN.

Trump himself summed it up best saying at a dinner at the White House Historical Association,

“They love her out there … they’re loving Melania,” he said.

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h/t: libertywriters