Liberal Actress Embarrasses Herself With Her Pathetic Trump Threat

Actress Alyssa Milano has always been outspoken in her criticism toward President Trump, however our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t recognize her pathetic attempts to provide a response.

On Friday evening, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a shattering announcement that led the former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to turn himself for various crimes not linked to the campaign today. Some conservatives consider that this was Mueller’s attempt to conceal his possible criminal actions in the Uranium One deal, since he was the FBI director in charge at that time and was acquainted with corruption, kickbacks and money laundering by Russia prior to Obama signed more than 20% of America’s uranium.

Alyssa Milano has already experienced one difficult transition when she went from child actor to grown-up. Good for her. Apart from being extremely talented actresses, who always used her “cuteness“and her good appearance for much of her success, she must be aware that as she is approaching her 45th birthday, she must focus more on her talent, as her youth and looks will be put on second place.

She is a Z-lister and is not being considered as wise enough girl for politics which raises the question, does she really have the abilities of, say, Judi Densch or Helen Mirren to carry her through to the mature roles that are in her future?

If the Mueller investigation is conducted on the basis of the intelligence obtained from using Hillary’s dossier as the basis of warrants, then fruit of the poisonous tree applies. Alyssa has been in Hollywood so long that she isn’t able to distinguish fact and fiction.

h/t: thepoliticalinsider