Laura Bush Warmly Approves Melania’s Work — Michelle’s Out Of Her Mind

When it comes to Melania Trump, we cannot find enough words to praise her and her work, because, undoubtedly, she a pure example of elegance, style and intelligence to young people all around the nation. Former First Lady, this Wednesday came forward with an amazing confession about Melania saying that one cannot notice that Melania made great efforts to use her position of power to solve many social issues.

“I just think she’s doing a lovely job,” said Bush, adding, “She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a wonderful representative for the United States.”

Laura is former President George W. Bush’s wife and revealed that she has also not only she had an opportunity to talk to Melania in the past few months and visit the White House for tea, but also to catch up in the Diplomatic reception Room, with some of the permanent employees who helped her during her husband’s two terms.

She then continued wishing the current first couple “the very, very best.”

“I know what it’s like to live there,” Bush explained, adding, “I know how difficult every decision is and what the scrutiny is by everyone that has an opinion, every single person has an opinion on the people that live there, and I’m certainly aware of that.”

And while Bush’s interview was primarily focused on promoting her advocacy work for the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, she also use the opportunity to give explanation about the allegations of sexual harassment, which were just recently thrown at her father-in-law, former President George H.W. Bush.

She refuted the claims, adding that “That was something that was very, very innocent that he’s been accused of. But I know he would feel terrible. He would never in any way hurt anybody.”

h/t: usanewsflash