Ivanka’s Daughter Gave This Birthday Note For Her Mom’s Birthday — It’s So Cute

She couldn’t ask for more beautiful start off the day for her 36th birthday—Ivanka Trump celebrated her birthday by sharing a photo on Twitter including a special cute note from her daughter, Arabella Kushner.

The note, written on a page of Ivanka’s personalized stationary, reads, “Dear Mom, thank you for giving me birth,” followed by a row of scribbled hearts.

In an addition to this tweet, Ivanka wrote, “Clearly, I’m not the only member of my family who doesn’t understand how birthdays work.”

The tweet was a tongue-in-check reference to the way liberal media mocked Ivanka previously for not being able to understand how to correctly use happy birthday” when she wished her and Jared Kushner’s youngest son, Theodore, a happy birthday when he turned eight-months-old.

Ivanka seems to have a good sense of humor about her detractors’ criticisms. She doesn’t have a time to waste on paying them any mind, however—October is obviously ’their’month in the Trump-Kushner household. Ivanka’s son Joseph turned four on October 15, and she posted a sweet photo of them sharing a plate of spaghetti, per tradition:

Birthday traditions are the best! 🍝 Happy 4th birthday Joseph! I love you with all my heart. ❤️#belatedbirthday #noodles4life

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On October 25, Ivanka and Jared celebrated their eight wedding anniversary.

Happy eight-year anniversary to the love of my life! ❤️

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Apparently, Ivanka has many reasons to be celebrate the joy in her life instead of wasting time on people analyzing her grammar.

h/t: thepoliticalinsider