FBI and Hillary Colluded To Finance The GPS Steele Dossier — FBI Covered Steele’s Travel Costs

According to Kristin Taylor’s report on the Gateway Pundit the WaPo article confirms that the 2016 presidential campaign of Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid the Fusion GPS dossier declaring Russian connections with the presidential campaign of Republican Donald Trump and disgusting personal smudges of Trump.

According to the Post, Clinton campaign and DNC lawyer Marc Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie paid Fusion GPS to keep on investigating Trump after a Republican donor who primarily financed the research withdrew in April 2016.

Hillary Clinton asserted that she hasn’t been acquainted with the Russia dossier and that her campaign paid for until Buzzfeed released the 35-page document in January of 2017.

Actually, Hillary’s team has been spreading lies for over a year about funding the anti-Trump dossier.

The Washington Post reported the full payment that has been made to the British Spy compiling the garbage dossier after the election to keep on digging dirt on Trump and Russia, was approved by the FBI.

The FBI withdrew of this agreement when the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele identified in public by the media.

That is true. The FBI settled the payment of Hillary’s oppo research.

Now this…

Paul Sperry of the New York Post reported, “FBI picked up the tab for Steele dossier along with Hillary; FBI paid Steele’s travel and other expenses.”

h/t: thegatewaypundit