The Donald Trump’s Daughter-In-Law Has A Perfect Message For The Presidental Nominee

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has given a hint that he is considering to run for 2020 presidential election. President Trump’s daughter- in-law offered a perfect message for The Rock: Bring it on, brother!

“I would tell ‘The Rock’ to get ready,” Lara told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. “Strap on the big-boy pants because they are coming after you!”

The pro wrestler-turned-action has suggested more than once that he may run. According to Vanity Fair, in November,2016 Johnson, who is a registered Independent, released a statement in which he said that being president “would be a great opportunity to help people.”


Just after months, in May 2017, The Rock told GQ that he considers the 2020 presidential as a great possibility.

However, Lara Trump, who’s senior adviser to Trump for President 2020 campaign, advised Johnson that running for president or presidential candidate is more difficult than it looks for both the candidate and their family since all their opponents come after you: it’s a lot harder than it looks. “It’s not as easy as it looks,” she said.

“They are coming after your family. We all know that very well. It’s a lot of work. It’s not a joke. This is serious business, and my father-in-law has taken it very seriously – running for the presidency, being the president. It’s a very big deal, so get ready.
Once you get involved in politics, regardless of what side you’re on, half the country loves you and half the country hates you. And so I would tell ‘The Rock’ seriously, seriously think about it because he seems to have a great career going and some of his fans might not like that.”

Lara told the Democrats are a mess right now after Hillary Clinton’s disastrous defeat.

“The Democrats right now do not look great,” she said. “They seem to be a little bit of a floundering party.”

In the meantime, Lara is feeling good after giving birth to her first baby, son Eric Luke, on September 12. Luke is President Trump’s ninth grandchild.

h/t: bizpacreview