Donald Trump Jr Approaches To More Adventurous Activity Unlike Donald Trump

If you are among those who are interested in the free-time activities of the first family, odds are you are acquainted with the President Donald Trump and his son Trump Jr.’s different tastes of hobbies. Unlike Donald Trump, who prefers playing golf at one of his private properties, his son approaches to a more adventurous activity.

His first son seems to be passionate sportsman judging by his pictures on Social Media from hunting and fishing trips where he is accompanied by his brother Eric and his kids, or occasionally with members of Congress.

Despite numerous workloads, he still finds time to devote himself to a round of relaxation, which he seems to be more than good that he was so close to take a beating and some criticism for it.

This Saturday, Trump Jr published a CNN story about a hunting pleasure trip he had with Congressman Steve King:

It isn’t surprising that the anti-Trump Social media users are the ones who didn’t waste time to storm the reply section of his post, and began accusing and criticizing him, asserting they were “murderers“while others even claimed they are “getting used to wearing orange.”

Apparently, the anti-Trump haters are using every opportunity to launch an attack against the Trump family, to their everlasting shame, and they even go beyond all boundaries of issuing both direct and indirect death threats, making conservative supporters outrageous.

h/t: usanewsflash