Analysts’ Prediction Of Matt Damon’s First Movie’s Ratings Came True

After the allegations against Harvey Weinstein of his sexual conduct have been brought up to public, the names of Matt Damon and George Clooney have grabbed the headlines, due to their new dark comedy “Suburbicon“.

According to the Hollywood reporter, “Suburbicon“ directed by Clooney and staring Damon, representing an attempt at stylishly skewering 1950s suburban America, has been seriously rejected by movie-goers, and despite being opened in over 2, 000 theaters, ’managed’to earn a dismal $3 million during the weekend.

“Suburbicon“came behind the horror film “Jigsaw“ or Tyler Perry’s latest Madea movie and managed to launch one of Paramount Pictures’ worst performing wide-releases ever and mark[s] a new box-office low for Clooney as a director and star Matt Damon.
It is more than clear that Americans weren’t interested in Clooney and Damon’s message about racism in 1950s suburbia, which Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers described it as an “alternately comic and deadly earnest satire … that feels tonally at war with itself.”

The film was made for roughly $25 million, of which $10 million were paid by Paramount for domestic distribution rights. Following its mother! flop (bringing in just $17.8 million), Paramount’s efforts at more “thought-provoking” dramatic films turned out to be disaster this year.

h/t: dailywire