Alyssa Milano Outspoken In Her Criticism Toward Trump

It is no secret that most of the liberal world is being hard on President Donald Trump because they use every opportunity to bash him and his administration, even his family.

Among those who rants against Trump was the Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano who has spoken out against the commander-in-chief several times, and while she claims that she is a “patriotic, not partisan,” her actions are only indicating that she is being a hard-core leftist.

Milano has even became a member of the Democratic Party and was a major Hollywood voice behind Democrat Jon Ossoff, who lost in a special election to the GDP’s Karen Handel, even though they fundraising her a lot.

Just recently, after the news emerged that both failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Foundation, and the Democratic National Committee had funded the controversial Trump-Russia dossier, Alyssa use this opportunity to rant against the POTUS. But what is obvious is that she hasn’t received enough information to discuss this issue:

The Hollywood A-lister seems to have forgotten that the Russian weren’t interested only for the emails of Hillary Clinton. She also did not take into account the sale of 20% of America’s uranium.

And unfortunately for her, Social Media didn’t allow her comments slide and made it clear to Milano that she isn’t supposed to talk about things without previously being well-informed on the matter:

h/t: usanewsflash